In Person Only: Standard Entrupy Authentication


This fee is for a single authentication in person at our offices. We must have the item in hand and it can only be applied to currently supported brands. This service can add a business day to processing.

For Hermes pieces please search "Hermes Entrupy Authentication" in the search bar above.

Authenticate your designer bags with Entrupy’s artificial intelligence technology. Bring your bag in store and we will use Entrupy’s microscopic scanner to authenticate your bag. A printed certificate will be included if your bag is authentic.

The Technology
Entrupy is the the only technology-based, powered by AI, authentication solution on the market to provide trust to buyers and sellers of luxury handbags. Entrupy has collected thousands of images of physical goods (bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc) from around the world, creating a rich and diverse unmatched data-set.

This high quality data collected is utilized to teach our algorithms to differentiate between fake and authentic items, which in turn, gives us the ability to produce results like our 99.1% accuracy rate. Every item that’s authenticated helps the algorithms learn and improve, creating a smarter solution that adapts to the changing world.

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