Season 2 Consign

Upcycled LV Padlock Necklace W/ Key


Authentic Louis Vuitton padlocks with matching keys on 18K coated gold plated non-brand chain.

Condition of the padlock and key differ from necklace to necklace, as these are repurposed authentic padlocks & keys. The lock will not be in perfect condition and while it has been polished, it may have some hairline scratches. No two padlocks are exactly the same.

Key comes attached to chain with a ring and can be removed carefully if desired and reattached elsewhere.

Chain length: 18” | Chain drop: 8.5" | Drop including padlock: 10"

  • Store in an area that is dry. Avoid humidity and moisture.

  • They should not come in contact with water, chemicals or perfumes on a regular basis. This will help avoid tarnishing over time.

  • Do not keep directly exposed to sunlight, as it can cause color change.

  • To clean the padlock - we recommend using a silver polish and microfiber cloth.
Only 1 piece in stock!

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