1. Tap SELL YOUR ITEM NOW within the menu to submit item(s). 

2. Search the item style(s) or provide a manual description. The more information you provide, the more accurate your estimate will be!

3. Receive instant estimate(s) or email estimate(s) within 48 hours.

4. Accept your estimate(s) and receive a free shipping label. Local? You can drop off to our offices in person with an appointment! Talk to our owners here.


Season 2 ® Standard Commission Structure:

Item Price Commission Split
up to $499 50% to consignor / 50% S2C
$500- $1499

60% to consignor / 40% S2C

$1500 +

70% to consignor/ 30% S2C


Season 2  ® Shoe Commission Structure:

Item Commission Split
All Shoes 40% to consignor / 60% S2C


Things to note: 

  • The following notes do not replace the terms consignors/sellers agree to within the submission process. 

  • Estimates for buyouts and consignment are provided through our the "Sell My Bag Now" link only. We do not provide estimates outside of this platform. Estimates are valid for 7 days.

  • Season 2 Consign does not do trades at this time. We sell handbags and accessories exclusively. Not all items are eligible for buyout or consignment. 
  • We do not accept damaged, stained, upcycled, or items with strong odors. We assume there is no damage or wear that has not been disclosed.  Please include the dust bag, cards, or paperwork if available.
  • Items must be shipped to our showroom using the label provided by our estimate technology via email. Seller agrees the item(s) will be with us for a 90 day minimum to ensure proper marketing of the item(s). 

  • We are committed to being anti-counterfeit. Should an item be determined counterfeit, Seller will incur a $250 fee and the item will be disposed of. Season 2 Consign and its affiliates do not return counterfeits. Seller agrees to this condition when shipping their item to our locations. Seller represents that the item is their sole property.
  • Most, but not all consignment items may be photographed for social media or marketing purposes. Artwork remains sole property of Season 2 Consign. All items are listed on www.season2consign.com for sale within a few days of arriving (after condition and authenticity is confirmed).
  • Payments are made to consignors on the 10th of the following month after items have sold. All payments are submitted through our consignment management system based on information provided by Seller. Seller is responsible for their own payment setup.

  • Should you choose a buy out offer, you will be paid based on information provided 2-3 business days after we receive, assess condition, and authenticate the item(s).


Thank you for your trust and we look forward to helping you sell your items.