Season 2 Consign sells authentic luxury goods exclusively and does not accept, sell or tolerate counterfeit items. All items undergo an extensive authenticity verification process and occasionally via outside product experts before they ever make it through to the website. We also engage the power of Entrupy on eligible handbags. If the item you are interested in has been scanned with Entrupy, the item description will contain a corresponding certificate number.

Despite our detailed authentication process, we offer a FINANCIAL PROMISE for worry-free shopping. What that means is that if we get it wrong, we will refund you 100% for the item. We value our customers and take pride in offering some of the best quality AUTHENTIC luxury products in the high-end fashion resale market, at competitive prices.

If you are local to one of our offices throughout the country, you can make an appointment to your item verified with the power of Entrupy. 

Eligible Standard Entrupy Authentications - $35
Eligible Premium Entrupy Authentications - $135

Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding authenticity or to make an appointment.